Hove Refiller V2

It´s all in a small suitcase

The Hove Refiller is developed for fast-filling of the reservoirs on central lubrication systems, e.g. in wind turbines. It provides an easy fast filling of the reservoir and a no-contamination risk.

The Hove Refiller uses the Hove-cartridges can be filled with any grease of your choice.

Optional features

The new patented optional features make the job of a technician safer than ever. The development of these features is based on our 20 years of hands-on experience and our close relationship with the customers.

Ground Failure Tester

This safety feature prevents the technician from
getting an electrical shock by a weak/missing
ground connection. The pump will automatically
start when the connection is re-established.

Pressureless Coupling

This feature makes it possible to connect/disconnect
the hose while system contains pressure.

Low Viscosity Adaptor

It is now possible with the new cartridge adaptor to
handle low viscosity lubricants without any spillage
or to get in contact with it.

Technical specifications

General: Filling unit

Dimension: Size 470 x 365 x 190 mm

Weight: 11 kg

Power supply: 230-240V AC 50-60Hz or 110V AC 50-60Hz

Pressure: 100 BAR/1450 PSI.

Output volume: up to 1800 gram/min; 63,49 oz/min

Semi automatic Operation:

via – Potentiometer or Remote Controller