Hove Smart Lube

The Hove Smart Lube is a lubrication management tool that provides full traceability on all aspects of the lubrication of your machinery. The intuitive app assures that a lubrication point is always lubricated correctly. We aim to deliver solutions that cover your specific needs.

Configure Lubrications

Assures Correct Lubration

Intuitive App

Lubrication management and reporting system

Work efficiently with a modern and intuitive user interface. A dashboard lets you monitor your business with quick access to Users, Sites and Grease point data. Optimized navigation and search makes it easy to find information, alongside with live logs that gives a great overview over all grease points done and upcoming schedules.

Configure Lubrations

Track Performance

Specific Solutions

How it works

Hove Smart Lube is designed to improve both operational and preventive maintenance. Making you able to track and document every detail of the lubrication performed within your maintenance program in real time. Providing a correct and fail safe method of lubrication and a clearer overview of consumption of lubricants.

Admin portal

Easily keep the information about sites updated and create new ones through the management interface. Subdivide sites into smaller areas such as locations. All the locations in the different sites can be edited and controlled through the same interface.