Other industries

The fully portable lubrication pump, can be used in all kinds of industries, ex container terminals, paper, maritime and iron factories.


Easy grease carry

The Hove Easy Grease Carry is a fully portable battery operated lubrication pump. The Carry is designed for direct bearing lubrication and refilling of central lubrication systems.

hove   accessories

Buy standard or specialized products and parts in our segment for accessories. Products or custom-made parts. Look through our segment for accessories to see, if we can help your fulfill your needs.

       hove          grease cartridge

Available in three sizes – 1500, 3000 & 5000 ml.The patented Hove-cartridges come in three sizes, 1500, 3000 and 5000 ml. The cartridges can be delivered with either full amount, or with the specific amount needed.

        hove            flow divider

The Hove-flowdivider effectively divides the flow of grease from our Easy Grease machine to the various greasing-points from the machine to the bearing(s). Hove A/S costumizes hose-set after your specifications, so your flow of grease is correctly divided.