The world’s most popular grease cartridge

The original Hove cartridges are the category’s most sold solution by far. The reliable and easy-to-use design is trusted by operations around the world.

Any grease for any purpose

Our grease cartridges can be filled with all available grease types on the market. The filling of Hove cartridges takes place in our own facility under strict procedure and with a high cleanliness policy to ensure no-contamination.

The original Hove Cartridges comes in three sizes, 1500, 3000 and 5000 ml. They can be supplied with either the full amount, or with a specific amount requested.

The original grease cartridge

Hove developed the original grease cartridge design for the wind industry. We have been refining it ever since to make the cartridges even easier to handle.

Easy to mount

The Hove grease cartridge is extremely simple to mount on Hove pumps, making it easy to handle in any conditions.

Less waste

When emptied, the cartridge itself only takes up 5 % of the total capacity, making it easy to remove and discard.

Grease cartridge FAQ

The price always depends on which type of grease you need. Please, get in touch to get a quote.

We ship our products world-wide.

Yes, you are welcome to order your own shipping or handle pickup at our facility yourself.

No. The Hove cartridges are not designed to carry food or other substances. In case of incidental food contact, discard foods.

We do not offer direct shopping via our website, as we need to review any order to ensure quality and delivery time.

Hove’s solutions have helped us optimize our global maintenance efforts and ease the work of our technicians.

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