Hove Carry is a portable lubrication pump for port cranes. With its compact design, battery-powered pump, and digital interface, it gives you full mobility and easy tracking and documentation.

Hove Carry gives you…

Full mobility

Get an ergonomic, lightweight, and battery-powered pump that is easy to use in all spaces and conditions.

A complete solution

Ensure correct lubrication and complete documentation in one unified solution.

Real-time tracking

Reduce paperwork and support analytical, data-driven maintenance with easy-to-pull data.

Reduced climate footprint

Minimize lubricant consumption and increase bearing lifetime to reduce your climate footprint.

Meet a

Lubricating port terminal equipment is working under unfavorable working conditions with long distances between lubrication points. This makes lubrication a time-consuming task with a large margin for error.

Hove Carry is tailor-made for ports. Carried as a backpack, it allows technicians to move freely wherever they need to. Its durable, field-proven design gives you an efficient and reliable lubrication solution that changes the lubrication game for good.

Inside Hove Carry

1. Powerful Hove grease pump, refined over decades for the wind turbine industry

2. Innovative grease cartridge for easy refill

3. Rechargeable Li+-Ion battery with easy recharge connection

4. Pair with Hove Smart Lube PDA device for easy lubrication, tracking, and documentation

5. Durable casing with dolly suitcase pull-up handle or backpack straps

Hove Smart Lube: Integrated tracking and documentation solution

For the absolutely ideal lubrication solution in all conditions, combine your Hove Carry with Hove Smart Lube. This groundbreaking digital solution gives you full traceability and lets you maintain control of everything linked to lubrication.

Hove Smart Lube offers a PDA device, which guides the technician through the entire lubrication process. It also wirelessly gathers and transmits lubrication information to a portal which allows you to easily track and document lubrication.

A field-proven solution from the market leaders

Hove A/S is the leading developer and producer of advanced solutions for lubricating bearings. Hove has a long track-record and expertise for developing innovative lubrication pumps, which are favoured by many companies in the wind turbine industry.

Hove Carry is developed and tested in real-world environments to ensure the solution serves its purpose and works under all conditions.

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