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Leading developer and supplier of lubrication solutions for heavy machinery.

Keep moving parts moving: About Hove

Hove A/S is a listed global company headquartered in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

We are a leading developer, producer and supplier of advanced lubrication solutions for heavy machinery.

Our in-house R&D department and production department have blazed the trail with innovative solutions for the wind industry, and our filling facility and service departments help numerous operations around the world stay up and running.

We are at the forefront of development and have established our company as the category’s leading player in the wind industry — and we have expanded into the mining and harbor industries.

In everything we do, our aim is to help our customers keep moving parts moving.


Hove was established in the year 2000 with the mission to improve the service and maintenance of wind turbines. However, since the beginning, the company has experienced significant growth in all areas – and we aim to continue. From only focusing on helping the biggest wind turbines companies in the world, our products are now also used and applied to a variety of different machines and installations spanning wind turbines, container terminals, and cement factories to name a few. In 2014, Hove A/S moved to bigger and better premises, in order to meet the challenges and needs of our customers.

We do not wait for the latest technology to arrive, rather we take pride in being the firm who develops the best greasing and fluid lubrication systems in the world, for the benefit of our customers and clients – and we have been doing so for more than two decades. Because of our focus on development and innovation, we are capable of handling everything from smaller productions to large-scale industrial needs across the globe. To be able to keep assisting and supplying our customers with the best and most advanced lubrication systems, we started our US department — Hove Americas — in Colorado, USA in 2019.

Today, we stand as a strong, reliable, and innovative company, whose advanced lubrication technology helps our customers’ businesses. We always strive to make our products more advanced and at the same time reliable to meet the ongoing changes and challenges our customers meet. In our view, technological advances and reliability have to be a close-connected entity.


We aim to provide industries with smarter ways to lubricate and to minimize downtime with predictive maintenance. This vision is grounded in the performance of our specialized sales team, engineers, and innovative products. We want to make sure that your machines’ health and performance level are at their best with the correct amount of grease used by our lubrication systems. Making your machines last longer is critical — for you and us — that’s why we always develop the newest and best lubrication systems and fluid technology. We do not just offer standard solutions.

We believe that you will get the best results with Hove if you only use the right products. Therefore, we need to understand your specific compliance and productivity needs. Our strong network of expert and engineering and sales teams will make sure that your needs will be met responsibly and professionally. We can and want to make your products, machines, and installations perform at their best.


We wish to develop the most time-reducing and comfortable ways to grease a large variety of objects and installations. In doing so, we make sure to sustain our customers and clients with the best lubrication pumps and utmost grease technology available on the market. We do not wait for the best technology to be available or arrive, we create the solutions for the future ourselves. Our highly skilled engineers always strive to develop and maintain our products for the benefit of our customers.

Hove has over 18 years of experience within advanced lubrication pumps and greasing technology, and we have developed one of the most efficient and reliable portfolios in the industry. Our product line of greases will therefore be able to meet the challenges that your machines may encounter, and we have the full operational set to lubricate your machines with the best available grease on the market.

To be able to meet you in a respective, mutual, and trustworthy manner, our salespersons are not only talented but also specialized within their area of conduct. Their objective is to help you reduce time, resources, and errors when dealing with lubrication on highly advanced systems such as wind turbines and on less complex installations. Because of our international network and brand, we always try to strengthen our quality, service, and expertise. With Hove’s advanced lubrication systems you are not only secured by our brand and specialisation, but also our expertise and passion for continuously developing advanced lubrication technologies. We are world leading within grease cartridges and lubrication tools.


We value a mutual, trustworthy, and positive relationship with our partners and clients. We are with you throughout and, because we work on product innovation and development, we always strive to be the best within the market and create the solutions of the future. In close collaboration with you, we create and deliver business and technology solutions that fit your needs, and help you improve your performance. No matter what situation arises, we will be there to help you, whether that’s with support, services, or repairs.

Trust is fundamental for a highly professional, reliable, and international company, and therefore we will never hesitate to help and support you. Our specialized sales team and engineers aim to serve and supply our customers with the most reliable and advanced lubrication technology on the market. And the foundation for this is built upon innovation, reliability, and trust.

The Hove concept is perfectly aligned with TCGM’s mission of adding real value to the lives of wind turbine technicians globally. Their products make the job easier and more fun, while the Hove team is actively focusing on improving the technician’s experience.

Neal Gyngard
President, TCGM

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