Keep your wind turbines turning

With Hove you get the world’s leading lubrication solutions for wind turbines. By reducing service time and ensuring correct lubing, we maximize productivity, cut downtime and increase the working life of all moving parts.

The world’s leading lubrication solutions for wind turbines

Hove provides reliable and state of the art lubrication technology that benefits your business.

The tendency in the wind industry towards installing bigger and bigger machines places increasingly heavier demands on effective lubrication. While lubrication might be a minor part of the big picture for the wind industry, it’s a major part of operational success. When you maintain wind turbines with Hove, you’re using the world’s most effective and efficient lubrication solutions.


The global focus on renewable energy means the wind turbine industry is growing rapidly. But how do you maintain wind turbines to ensure they function properly?

Wind lubrication solutions

With Hove, you can choose from a range of automatic transportable lubrication pumps, portable flow distribution systems and special lubrication cartridges. We have set the standard in the category since the year 2000.

Hove Smart Lube

Hove Smart Lube is a field-proven digital solution that improves your lubrication maintenance. Plug it into your operations, get full traceability, and maintain control of everything linked to lubrication.

Hove Easy Grease v4

The world’s leading greasing pump minimizes downtime with its ergonomic design and operational efficiency. It’s automated, safe, and extremely simple to use.

Hove ONE

The Hove One pump is the world’s leading lubrication pump. Its precise dosing and high flow make the pump suitable for direct and central lubrication systems.

Hove Smart Lube

Maintain smarter, maintain control

Hove Smart Lube is a field-proven digital solution. Plug it into your operations, get full traceability and maintain control of everything linked to lubrication.

The Hove advantages

Discover how Hove can help your operations moving forward.

reliable grease supply

With Hove you can get every kind of grease from all manufacturers. Just tell us what your machinery uses and we’ll prepare and send your cartridges to your exact specifications.

Experienced service and support

Hove service and support will keep your Hove products working at optimal efficiency for their entire lifecycle. This means minimal downtime and maximum return on your Hove investment.

Lubrication innovation

Hove A/S is a global company with headquarters in Copenhagen Denmark. We develop and design complete and advanced lubrication solutions.

Wind, of course, is one of the world’s most sustainable industries. But we promise to make it even more sustainable: with faster and more precise lubing, Hove solutions can improve both efficiency and mechanical durability.

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GM & Senior VP Americas Region, Hove Americas

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