Beinlich Pumps

Being located in Scandinavia, Hove is the main authorized distributor in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Norway) for Beinlich Pumpen GmbH. Hove is proud to offer the large selection of their pumps for our customers’ needs.

DOSING pumps

Beinlich dosing pumps were designed for applications that depend on the highest level of precision.
The pumps are being featured by low pulsation and an exact dosing of the medium, as well as a fast pressure built-up and a high-precision “start-stop-dosing”.

dELIVERY pumps

Beinlich delivery pumps are nearly wear-free due to the use of high-performance materials like nitrided steel or spheroidal cast iron. Thus, the pumps not only have minimal maintenance requirements, but also a long service life. Additionally, a high volumetric efficiency partially allows an energy saving of over 30% which also offers cost saving potentials to the customer.


The TR / TRG radial piston pump was designed for the high pressure range up to 700 bar and for uncritical, clear media. The pump is available in different versions.

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