The original Hove grease cartridges

Get the world’s most sold grease cartridges for your wind turbines, port cranes and mining equipment.

Hove cartridges benefits

Easy assembly

Hove grease cartridges are extremely easy to attach to Hove grease pumps in any conditions.

One-stop shop

We can handle almost any request. We ship any type of grease to any location.

Reliable quality

All orders are handled in-house by experienced staff under strict quality guidelines.

Less waste

The grease cartridge itself makes up just 5 % of a full cartridge, making it easy to discard.

Favorable pricing

As the absolute leaders in the space, we have the volume to offer favorable pricing on all orders.

Get the right grease, at the right time, at the right price

With Hove grease cartridges you can get your heavy-duty lubricants exactly as you need them.

With our own filling facility we can prepare your grease cartridges to your exact specifications. Just tell us what machinery the grease is for, and we will handle your order. We ship globally and have the capacity to handle express orders.

Our grease cartridges can carry any type of grease on the market and come in three sizes: 1500, 3000 and 5000 ml (app. 51 oz, 101 oz and 169 oz). You can get them fully filled or specify a specific amount.

Hove lubrication solutions

Since 2000 we have raised the bar in the lubrication industry, developing and producing the world’s most advanced solutions suitable for wind turbines, port cranes and mining equipment.

Hove Smart Lube

Hove Smart Lube

Hove smart lube is a field-proven digital solution that improves your lubrication maintenance. Plug it into your operations, get full traceability, and maintain control of everything linked to lubrication.

Hove Carry

Hove Carry

Hove Carry is a portable lubrication pump for port cranes. With its compact design, battery-powered pump, and digital interface, it gives you full mobility and easy tracking and documentation.

Hove One

Hove One

Hove ONE is a semi-automatic lubrication pump intended for direct lubrication of bearing. The small size and low weight make the machine a good choice for lubrication tasks in places with ladders and stairs.

Hove Refiller v2

Hove Refiller v2

The Hove Refiller is specifically designed to fast fill reservoirs on central lubrication systems without risking contamination. The solution uses Hove cartridges, which can be filled with the grease of your choice.

Hove Easy Grease v4

Hove Easy Grease v4

The world’s leading greasing pump minimizes downtime and has a dosing accuracy of +- 0.5%. The Easy Grease v4 can efficiently supply all greasing points. It’s automated, safe, and extremely simple to use.

Hove pre-filled grease cartridges

Hove pre-filled grease cartridges

Hove Cartridges are extremely simple to carry, mount and remove, greatly easing the wind technicians’ task. We supply cartridges in three different sizes with the grease of your choice. Each cartridge is filled in-house under strict control procedures to avoid any contamination.

Need express delivery? We can help. If you need it now, you need it NOW. We can usually accommodate express deliveries to most parts of the world. Get in touch, and we’ll do our best to help you.

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Don’t mess with quality

With Hove you get not only the largest supplier of grease cartridges. You can also rest assured you get a high-quality product.

Our cartridges are made from a specially developed plastic, and our experienced staff fill them in-house under strict guidelines and ship them in secure packaging. This means we avoid any contamination from chemicals or other substances from our facility to you.

If you have any questions about lubrication, our products or shipping options, you can always access our experienced team of advisors.

Grease cartridge FAQ

The price always depends on which type of grease you need. Please, get in touch to get a quote.

We ship our products world-wide.

Yes, you are welcome to order your own shipping or handle pickup at our facility yourself.

No. The Hove cartridges are not designed to carry food or other substances. In case of incidental food contact, discard foods.

We do not offer direct shopping via our website, as we need to review any order to ensure quality and delivery time.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about Hove products, quotes and services or would like to hear more about how Hove can benefit your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

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