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  • Hove commences Hove Smart Lube trial period with German energy company EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG. 

    The trial kit includes hardware and software, as well as personnel training as befitting to one wind farm and 10 wind turbines.  

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  • Hove commences Hove Smart Lube field test with the Spanish energy company ACCIONA Energía.

    The field test takes place at ACCIONA Energía’s El Cabrito Windfarm in Cadiz, Spain. The collaboration came about at WindEnergy Hamburg in October 2022.

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  • Hove commences Hove Smart Lube trial period with one of the biggest port terminal operators in the world.

    Hove provides the equipment, materials, and technical assistance for this trial period.

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  • Hove Americas enters into a framework agreement of over DKK 500,000 with an American energy company. 

    This framework agreement covers 2023 supplies, and is above DKK 500,000.

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  • Hove A/S receives additional private label orders

    Hove has received two more orders for private label cartridges, with a total value of more than DKK 500.000.

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  • First private label order ready for shipment from Glostrup

    In Q4 2021, Hove signed its first private label agreement with a global manufacturer of lubrication.

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