Hove Lubrication Solutions

If you run industrial-scale machinery, Hove has the right greasing solution. Smart, easy-to-use and ultra-effective greasing technology will keep your machinery working at optimum efficiency, as well as increasing its operational life.

Hove Carry

Hove Carry is a portable lubrication pump for port cranes. With its compact design, battery-powered pump, and digital interface, it gives you full mobility and easy tracking and documentation.

Hove One

Hove ONE is a semi-automatic lubrication pump intended for direct lubrication of bearings. The small size and low weight make the machine a good choice for lubrication tasks in places with ladders and stairs.

Hove Refiller v2

The Hove Refiller is specifically designed to fast fill reservoirs on central lubrication systems without risking contamination. The solution uses Hove cartridges, which can be filled with the grease of your choice.

Easy Grease v4

The world’s leading greasing pump minimizes downtime and has a dosing accuracy of +- 0.5%. The Easy Grease v4 can efficiently supply all greasing points. It’s automated, safe, and extremely simple to use.

Hove pre-filled grease cartridges

Hove Cartridges comes in sizes of 1500, 3000 and 5000 ml. They can be supplied either full or with a specific requested amount. The cartridges are extremely simple to mount and remove.

Hove can supply the cartridges with the grease of your choice. We fill each cartridge in our own facility under a strict quality control procedure to ensure there is no contamination.

Hove Flow Divider

The Hove flow divider lets you lubricate several points at once by effectively dividing the flow of grease from the Hove grease pump to the various lubrication points on the bearings. Hove can supply customized hoses and sets to your specifications.

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    Hove Carry

    Maintain port
    cranes smarter

    Get a complete portable lubrication solution with built-in digital tracking and documentation.