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new products - new photoshoot

Ease Grease Carry, Hove Easy Grease, and our Hove Refiller. And yes, you are also looking at the best grease cartridges in the world, made in Denmark, delivered to the whole world. We want to be there, whenever you need something to be greased in a correct and easy way, with our safe and advanced lubrication tools.

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attending to danish defence conference

We are pleased to attend the conference at the Danish Defence -
( - Our greasing technology may be applied, to cover the needs of the Danish Defence. With our Hose Easy Grease Carry, we assure correct and fast lubrication in all conditions - without power supply. 

world wind technology article - on maintenance

Do you want to know more about the importance of greasing, maintenance and our lubrication systems? Read out article in the WorldWind Technology: Issue One (p.44-45)


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Now closer to our clients in America -Sep. 29- 17

We want to be where our customers are. That is why we are collaborating with the Danish Trade Council (Wind Energy Advisory). More

Hove a/s on instagram

We are proud to be a part of your daily maintenance in all industries!

From our R&D, to your maintenance jobs, to the world of Instagram, we are proud to share your lubrication skills and experience on our profile. We will continuously keep optimizing and developing our lubrication equipment for the sake of your machinery.

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correct lubrication is neither to much or to little

With their continuous turning motion, it is important for wind turbines to be well lubricated. We advise how to increase production and cost savings by using the right tools in O&M.