Keep your heavy machinery running

Correct lubrication is the most reliable way to keep heavy machinery running and avoid downtime. Hove lubrication solutions are specifically designed to help a range of industries reduce service time and increase longevity and output from mechanical machinery.

Taking on every challenge

From the deepest mine to the highest wind turbine, Hove technologies are trusted to keep moving parts moving. The robust but lightweight Hove pumps reduce manual labor and eliminate costly lubrication errors. That’s why they’re favored by operations worldwide to maintain the machinery that keeps businesses profitable.

The leading supplier of high-end lubrication tools and grease cartridge solutions

Our systems ease the maintenance process, ensuring precise lubrication quantity usage, while reducing manual work and downtime. This results in increased equipment longevity and output.


Discover how Hove makes a difference for wind, mining and ports.


Hove offers the world’s leading lubrication solutions for wind turbines. Learn how we can reduce service time and ensure correct lubing to maximize productivity, reduce downtime and increase the working life of all moving parts.


Hove offers robust lubrication solutions for the mining industry that are easy to use in all conditions. Learn how we can ensure correct lubing to keep you operational for longer and avoid unexpected downtime.


Hove offers lubrication solutions for port machinery that reduce service time and ensure correct lubing every time. Learn how this translates to optimal performance, reduced downtime and increased mechanical durability.

Hove Smart Lube

Maintain smarter, maintain control

Hove Smart Lube is a field-proven digital solution. Plug it into your operations, get full traceability and maintain control of everything linked to lubrication.

Wind turbines, ports and mines have more in common than meets the eye. All three rely on heavy machinery to function in conditions where performing maintenance is a tough job to say the least. That’s where Hove enters the picture.

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Maintain port cranes smarter

Hove Carry is a portable lubrication solution for ports. Its compact design, battery-powered pump, and digital interface give you full mobility and easy tracking and documentation.

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