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Hove is the world’s leading supplier of advanced lubrication solutions for industrial-scale machinery with demanding requirements. Every solution is effective, easy to use, and documented to extend mechanical operational lifetime.

Our Products

Discover the world’s most advanced lubrication solutions for heavy machinery.

Hove Smart Lube

Hove Smart Lube gives you full traceability on all aspects of the lubrication of your machinery. The Smart Lube app puts you in full control and ensures that every lubrication point is always lubricated correctly.

Lubrication solutions

Smart, easy-to-use and ultra-effective greasing technology will keep your machinery working at optimum efficiency, as well as increasing its operational life.

Beinlich & Hafnia Pumps

As Denmark’s authorized distributor for Beinlich Pumpen GmbH and Hafnia Pumps, Hove is proud to offer a large selection of their pumps for our customers’ needs.

The leading supplier of high-end lubrication tools and grease cartridge solutions

Our systems ease the maintenance process, ensuring precise lubrication quantity usage, while reducing manual work and downtime. This results in increased equipment longevity and output.

Reduce your downtime, increase your output

Downtime is the enemy of every business that relies on machinery to generate revenue. Hove offers advanced lubrication solutions designed for fast and correct service. They ensure optimal performance, prolong mechanic durability and reduce downtime.

Proper maintenance is vital in businesses that run industrial-scale machines. In a nutshell, that’s the foundation for our solutions: They’re all designed to help our customers run an efficient and precise service operation.

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