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Hove makes maintenance of industrial-scale machinery faster, easier, and more precise. Our advanced lubrication solutions allow you to improve operational efficiency, reduce downtime and increase the working life of mechanical moving parts.

The leading supplier of high-end lubrication tools and grease cartridge solutions

Our systems ease the maintenance process, ensuring precise lubrication quantity usage, while reducing manual work and downtime. This results in increased equipment longevity and output.

The world’s most advanced lubrication solutions for heavy machinery

Avoiding downtime with industrial-scale machinery requires detailed care and maintenance. But servicing large machines is often troublesome and time-consuming.

With Hove you get the world’s most advanced lubrication solutions that ease maintenance and ensure exact lubing. This reduces downtime and increases longevity and output.


Discover how Hove makes a difference for wind, mining and harbors.


Hove offers the world’s leading lubrication solutions for wind turbines. Learn how we can reduce service time and ensure correct lubing to maximize productivity, reduce downtime and increase the working life of all moving parts.


Hove offers robust lubrication solutions for the mining industry that are easy to use in all conditions. Learn how we can ensure correct lubing to keep you operational for longer and avoid unexpected downtime.


Hove offers lubrication solutions for harbor machinery that reduce service time and ensure correct lubing every time. Learn how this translates to optimal performance, reduced downtime and increased mechanical durability.

Hove’s solutions have helped us optimize our global maintenance efforts and ease the work of our technicians.

Our Solutions

Discover the world’s most advanced lubrication solutions for heavy machinery.

Hove Smart Lube

Hove Smart Lube gives you full traceability on all aspects of the lubrication of your machinery. The Smart Lube app puts you in full control and ensures that every lubrication point is always lubricated correctly.

Hove lubrication pumps

If you run industrial-scale machinery, Hove has the right greasing solution. Smart, easy-to-use and ultra-effective greasing technology will keep your machinery working at optimum efficiency, as well as increasing its operational life.

Hove grease supply

Hove grease cartridges work with every kind of grease from all manufacturers. Just tell us what your machinery uses and we’ll prepare your cartridges to your exact specifications at our own filling facility.

Speed up maintenance, reduce errors, improve the bottom line

Whether your business relies on large machinery or you are contracted to service machinery, speed and precision are crucial factors. The faster and more accurate you can perform maintenance, the better for business.

With Hove you get the world’s most advanced lubrication solutions, designed for fast and correct service. They ensure optimal performance, prolong mechanic durability and reduce downtime. That translates directly to the bottom line.


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