World leading supplier of high-end lubrication tools and grease cartridges

Hove A/S has over 18 years of experience within advanced lubrication pumps and greasing technology, and thus we have developed one of the most time-reducing and comfortable ways to lubricate a large variety of objects and installations.


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Why Choose Hove A/S

We simply love to innovate our products so they match the need of our customers. Our advanced and easy-to-handle products are equally safe, as they are advanced. We create the future for our customers, and that is why we are world leading in lubrication technology.

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Grease with ease

With 18 years of know-how, innovation and production, The Easy Grease Concept keep on evolving and performing. Check some of the advantages our lubrication systems may provide for you. Read more about our advanced lubrication technology. Learn how we provide industry leading sollutions.

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great engineering

 Maintenance, lubrication, grease, downtime, bearing failures and performance: Do these words sound familiar? Or are you just interested? Read this article to get a better understanding of the journey, that starts with you and ends with us.

Maintenance overview

Bearing lifetime can be effected by many factors. Some conditions can't be controlled such as climate and temperatures. These challenges can be added to a location where it can be difficult to perform the maintenance. Using the correct tools, lubrication and management system will improve sustainability and avoid unplanned downtime by assuring correct lubrication and minimizing contamination risk.

Bearing failures

Increasing asset life

Savings on maintenance