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Hove recommends that all pumps get calibrated and tested for electrical safety once every 12 months. If you wish to send your Hove product in for service, please download the Service Request Form, fill it out, and follow the steps described below.

Please be advised that the Easy Grease pumps versions 1 and 2 are no longer supported in our workshop. Furthermore, the Refiller version 1 suitcases are no longer available and cannot be replaced when damaged.


Hove must receive the Service Request Form before or when receiving grease pumps for service. The document must contain all relevant information. Subsequently, we will send a quotation for the servicing that the customer must accept. Servicing of the pumps will start as soon as possible after receipt of the customer’s PO.

Hove will keep the pumps for 12 months after the initial quote has been sent, if there is no response after this period Hove A/S will scrap the pumps without further notice. Reminders will be sent 4 times in the 12 month period.

If you wish to stock up on any accessories, please note this on page 3 of the Service Request Form.


All shipping will be marked as ‘EXW – Ex Works’ unless other agreements are made. All machines will be packaged on half pallets after repair in order to prevent transit damage.

If the warranty period has expired, Hove A/S will carry out inspection and testing of all grease pumps received for service. This includes handling, registration, troubleshooting, pump test, system test, calibration, and CE-test. The customer will be charged for 2 labor hours for these tasks. For accessories, e.g. Hose Kits, the customer will be charged for ½ labor hour for handling, registration, and test. In addition, the customer will be charged for parts and labor hours depending on the service provided.

If the customer does not accept the service quotation, Hove will scrap the grease pumps for free or return the grease pumps to the customer for a service charge of 2 labor hours + shipping.


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How can we help you?

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