HOVE fulfills $125.000 US order – reacts to customer request for early delivery

Peder Hansen, GM, HOVE Americas Inc, with part of the US delivery. HOVE A/S is delivering lubrication solutions to 356 wind turbines in this project.

A US based wind power developer and operator has recently finalized their largest installation to date and elected to continue their usage of Hove solutions.  The project was completed ahead of schedule and Hove Americas Inc. is in the process of delivering the first grease worth $125.000, having already delivered pumping equipment.  This order for grease is recurring every six months. The company builds, owns, and operates power generation and energy storage projects in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

“This OEM already bought a number Hove ONE pumps for this location, and the grease is to be used for their pre-break in lubrication of the turbines as they start up the site” says Peder Hansen, GM, HOVE Americas Inc. “We have a very good working relationship with this customer, and although this order was actually planned for Q1, 2022, we’ve worked extra hard to support our customers ambitions of getting the project off the ground before their own deadline, and we can actually deliver in December 2021.”  

HOVE A/S is delivering lubrication solutions to 356 wind turbines in this project.

About Hove:

Hove A/S is a market-leading technology company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, which services the global wind turbine industry with efficient and future-proof lubrication technology.

For more information contact:

Peder Hansen, GM, HOVE Americas Inc
Mobile:  +1 402 319 4649
E-mail:   ph@hove-americas.com


Trine Nielsen, Marketing & Communications Manager, Hove A/S
Mobile:  +45 31359410
E-mail:   trine@hove-as.dk

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