Hove commences Hove Smart Lube trial period with one of the biggest port terminal operators in the world.

Hove provides the equipment, materials, and technical assistance for this trial period.

During the trial, Hove will supply software, hardware and other needed materials, such as Hove Carry grease pumps, accessories, Hove Smart Lube scanners, as well as access to Hove Smart Lube; a field-proven digital plug-and-play solution that gives full traceability and lets the port maintenance team (and HQ) maintain control of everything linked to lubrication.

 “We are very happy to be doing this trial”, says Thomas Cramer, CCO of Hove. “Port terminal operators are a key strategic market segment for us, and this collaboration with one of the biggest operators in the world, is very exciting. Their willingness to start the trial shows their desire to set the standards even higher within operation and maintenance. We want to be the best in the world at what we do, and working with companies like this, at this level, and getting real time feedback, is so important to us. We can’t wait to get started.”

The trial period will begin in Q1 2023 and is scheduled to run for three months.



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