For any port or harbor, maintaining port cranes is a time-consuming task with a large margin for error. But now, the game changes.

With Hove Carry, terminals get a portable lubrication solution with a compact design, battery-powered pump, and digital interface. It gives technicians full mobility and managers easy tracking and documentation.

“It’s a great day for Hove and for the world’s port terminals. With Hove Carry, we’re ready to offer a solution that will revolutionize port crane maintenance in the same way, Hove’s solutions have revolutionized wind turbine maintenance. It’s a complete, well-tested solution, that is ready to use,” says Hove’s Business Development Manager Willem Pelt.

Carried as a backpack or walked as a dolly, Hove Carry is ideal for negotiating any working conditions, and its durable design offers an efficient and reliable lubrication solution. Paired and integrated with the digital Hove Smart Lube solution, Hove Carry also ensures correct lubrication, complete documentation and support analytical, data-driven maintenance. This helps minimize lubricant consumption, increase bearing lifetime, and reduce the terminal’s climate footprint.

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