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Why choose HOVE

We simply love to innovate our products so they match the need of our customers. Our advanced and easy-to-handle products are equally safe as they are advanced. We create the future for our customers and that is why we are world leading in lubrication technology.



At Hove, we do not just offer advanced greasing machines and flow technology. We offer specified solutions for our customers, everything from small – to large scale specifications and installations. Our strength and passion lies in the fact, that we produce, develop, and innovates every aspect of our products under the same house. The close connection between our production, sales, and marketing, makes Hove streamlined and always ready to take on orders, that may seem complicated. In Hove, we take pride in doing what we are best at, delivering the most advanced greasing machines and flow technology, so your machines can perform at its best, as long time as possible. We care about the health of your machines.



Grease With Ease

With 17 years of know-how, innovation and production the Easy Grease Concept keep on evolving and performing. Check some of the advantages our lubrication systems may provide you with. If you find these advantages meaningful please contact us for a further talk.


The Easy Grease Concept     

The Easy Grease Concept is the heart of our business. We have developed and eased the sometimes-dangerous process of lubricating grease into different machines and installations. The Easy Grease concept is not just a product, it is a concept produced and developed with over 17 years of experience and know-how. The Easy Grease concept consists of the Hove Easy Grease machine, Hove Refiller, and our Hove Grease Cartridges; furthermore, a Hove Hose Set is available, if you want to lubricate on more than one bearing point at the same time. The Easy Grease Concept will give you less downtime during maintenance, field tests have shown a decrease in time spend on lubricating of minimum 50% and additionally:

  • Assurance of accurate lubrication – fully automatic high technology used within our systems.
  • Less contamination risk – fully closed circuit, from cartridge to connection/greasing points.
  • Lower costs on lubricants – larger amounts = lower prices.
  • Less muscular stress among technicians, no manual operation required.


If you want your machines to continue operating and performing on a high-level, then maintenance work is inevitable. The level of maintenance depends on the situation, but the more accurate lubrication the better it is for the machine health and thereby performance. Let us help you with our advanced and easy-to-handle lubrication systems. The health of your machines are critical – for your and for us.
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Maintenance, lubrication, grease, downtime, bearing failures and performance: Do these words sound familiar? Or are you just interested in the realm of maintenance, bearings, lubrication, and greasing? Read this article to get a better understanding of the journey, that starts with you and ends with us.

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