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Grease with ease

The Easy Grease Concept is the heart of our business. We have developed and eased the sometimes-dangerous process of lubricating grease into different systems and installations. The Easy Grease concept is not just a product, it is a concept produced and developed with nearly 20 years of experience and know-how. The Hove Easy Grease concept consists of the Hove Easy Grease, Hove Refiller, Hove Easy Grease Carry, and our Hove Grease Cartridges; furthermore, a Hove Flow Divider is available, if you want to lubricate more than one bearing point at the same time. The Easy Grease Concept will give you less downtime during maintenance, field tests have shown a decrease in time spend on lubricating of minimum 50% and additionally:

  • Assurance of accurate lubrication – semi automatic high technology used within our systems.
  • Less contamination risk – fully closed circuit, from cartridge to connection/lubricating points.
  • Lower costs on lubricants – The prefilled Hove Cartridges can be filled with up to 5kg instead of the traditionally 400g. Higher volumes will decrease the price. 
  • Less muscular stress among technicians, no manual operation required.