Wind Maintenance

Our Easy Grease Concept consists of automatic transportable lubrication pumps, transportable flow distribution systems and special lubrication cartridges, originally designed by Hove A/S.

hove easy grease v4

The Hove Easy Grease lubrication pump was initially developed with the purpose of improving the level of service and maintenance of wind turbines. Furthermore, the system will minimize the down time.

hove refiller v2

The Hove Refiller is developed for fast-filling of the reservoirs on central lubrication systems. The Hove Refiller provides an easy fast filling of the reservoir and with no contamination risk.



Hove A/S offers a wide range of accesories for our products. Specially designed for all kind of industries and segments. 


grease cartridge

The original Hove Cartridges come in three sizes, 1500, 3000 and 5000 ml., which can be supplied with any specific amount needed.


Flow divider

The Hove Flowdivider divides the flow of grease from the Hove Grease pump to various lubrication points.