Easy grease carry

Find the manual on how to correctly use the Hove Easy Grease Carry.

Manual and best use

Use, configure and maintain the Hove Easy Grease Carry for a long product lifetime.

The manual for the Easy Grease Carry Pump provides detailed technical information as well as important safety instructions for all users. You can often remedy the most common errors with the machine without needing to submit it for repair. Download the manual for a detailed and straightforward troubleshooting guide.

WHen using the machine for the first time

Before using the pump for the first time, make sure to correctly set up, clean and assemble all parts as detailed in the manual:

  1. Fully charge the battery before use by using the supplied battery charger.
  2. Clean the Easy Grease Carry to prevent any contamination of grease or pump.
  3. Assemble the machine as detailed in the supplied instruction manual or support manual.
  4. The machine is ready when the main screen appears at control panel.
  5. Start the pump in manual mode.
  6. Flush the pump through with 300 grams of the desired type of grease before initial start.
  7. Flushing ensures removal of any remaining grease after the factory quality control process while also providing an opportunity to test the machine’s functions before using it for lubrication applications.

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