Easy Grease

Easily restore any loss of data.

Data restoration

Use the settings display on the Easy Grease pump to restore data or contact the workshop for further assistance.

This video tutorial takes you through each step of the display setting to set up correct data restoration.

Click the button below to find your nearest service and repair center.


To ensure you get the correct data, here is how to set up the calibration:

  1. Switch on the pump.
  2. Press your preferred Language Button.
  3. Press “SETUP”.
  4. Press the “SET” Button under the “MODEL (#)” field.
  5. Input ”99999” and press “ENTER”.
  6. Touch the red cross on the screen until it moves to another position (use a pen or similar).
  7. Repeat for all 5 positions – until the message “Calibration OK!” is shown at the screen.

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