Easy Grease

Find the manual and video tutorials on how to correctly use the Easy Grease.

Manual and Tutorials

Use, change grease and prevent airlock on the Hove Easy Grease V4.

This video tutorial shows how to use and set up the pump.

The video below is a demonstration of how to switch between different kinds of grease.

Flow Meter Calibration Procedure

To ensure you get an accurate delivery of grease, here is how to calibrate the flow meter:

  1. Switch on the pump.
  2. Press your preferred Language Button.
  3. Select your preferred Grease Type by pressing at the “Density” field and press “ACCEPT”.
  4. Set “AUTO (g)” to 100.
  5. Deliver the 100 grams by pressing “START”.
  6. Weight the amount and note it.
  7. Press “SETUP”.
  8. Press the “SET” Button under the “MODEL (#)” field.
  9. Input ”11111” and press “ENTER”.
  10. Press the “SET” Button under the “WEIGHT (mg)” field.
  11. Input the noted weight in milligrams, e.g. 100 g = 100000 and press “ENTER”.
  12. Press “X” in the right upper corner of the screen.
  13. Deliver 100 grams again and check that the weight is 100 +/- 3 g; otherwise repeat the calibration steps from 5.
  14. Repeat the steps above max. 3 times.

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